Dear Landscape

How do the people view their landscape? Dialogue with residents and visitors on the ground.

A lot of knowledge concerning the landscape in the regions has already been gathered, but it is not really known how the people experience and appreciate their environment. Yet the way people perceive the landscape is a crucial point of the European Landscape Convention: it is the basis for the formulation of “landscape quality objectives”.

In the People-to-People project Dear Landscape, architects Marlies Vermeulen and Remy Kroese enter the daily landscape experiences and stories of citizens on the map as part of their Dear Hunter research work. They applied their own special research technique, gaining first-hand insights in direct contact with residents and visitors by living and working locally in a container. They spent a month each at six locations in the Euregio and asked: What’s your favourite place in the landscape? What do you like there? What can you show us or tell us?

More than 200 collected landscape tips & anecdotes © Dear Hunter
More than 200 collected landscape tips & anecdotes © Dear Hunter
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Duration: 2017-2019
Funding: People to People Interreg V-A EMR

  • Regionaal Landschap Kempen en Maasland (B, leadpartner)
  • Commune de Visé (B)
  • Gemeente Vaals (NL)
  • Gemeente Heers (B)
  • Stadt Aachen (D)
  • Parc Naturel Haute Fagne-Eifel (B)

Three-Countries Park: project development, support and assistance

Study office: Dear Hunter

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Between our works on the farm, we sometimes ride out on our bicycles just to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.” (A farmer in Bocholt, anonymous)

From my wheelchair, I look out to left and right at the flowers and plants on the slope, and I think: all this beauty, created by God.” (A citizen of Walheim, anonymous)

It’s a good thing when you can visit solitude, but not so much when solitude decides to pay you a visit.” (A psychologist in Waimes, anonymous)

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