Main priorities

In its strategic plan, the Three Countries Park sets the thematic priorities for cooperation with land users, local actors and other professionals every 1-2 years. For each of these thematic areas, the project group organizes a project forum taking approaches and projects from the regions as examples. The Three Countries Park also develops or supports project initiatives in these areas.

Flower model (according to the Destree Institute) from the EMR 2030 Strategy
Flower model (according to the Destree Institute) from the EMR 2030 Strategy

EMR 2030 Strategy - A strategy for the future of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine         Chaper 2.1 "Landscape & Climate"

Cross-sectoral theme: The Climate-Resilient Landscape

with 5 cooperation axes:

  • Water
  • Green corridors
  • Land Ressources
  • Eco-Innovation
  • Landscape bliss

Strategic plan PHASE 2020-2023

  • Landscape & green infrastructure (cross-sectoral topic & core competence)
  • Landscape governance & funding models (instruments)
  • Climate-adaptive land use (in the sectors of agriculture, urban planning and healthcare)

Strategic plan PHASE 2016-2019

  • Landscape & green infrastructure (cross-sectoral topic & core competence)
  • Agriculture & energy (urban-rural relationships)
  • Culture & recreation (urban-rural relationships)
  • Development & infrastructure (urban-rural relationships)

Anja Brüll, Joseph Austen

Landscape development determines our future

“Landscape is more than simply a beautiful panorama. Landscape is the supporting structure of society. And our home. Countless natural processes and human activities play a part in the landscape. Weather, water flow and activities of diverse creatures, agriculture, extraction of raw materials, and construction etc. – they all interact and shape the landscape in a dynamic way. Cooperation rather than competition is the magic word. This guides our work in the Three Countries Park.”

Anja Brüll, Project Manager of the Three Countries Park

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