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Workshop Green Infrastructure 2019 © Anja Brüll
Workshop Green Infrastructure 2019 © Anja Brüll

Visions, guidelines & projects for a landscape space without borders

A shared vision and understanding of an open space without borders mark the first step in a proactive process for landscape-oriented development in the Three Countries Park. And with this the partnership in the 3LP network is undertaking a change of perspective. It is moving the respective parts of the countries in this special area out of their position as a ‘peripheral region’ in the focus of considerations by looking at the region of the Three Countries Park as the tri-national core space of a metropolitan area and making its landscape the cross-border issue.

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Cross-border cooperation for people & nature

The Three Countries Park is a meeting point. It offers a platform for all actors from the partner regions engaged in landscape issues. But it also stimulates cooperation across functional boundaries, for example between water management and agriculture or nature conservation and urban development. This establishes trust and creates synergies. And it benefits not only the people who live, work and enjoy recreational activities in the border region, but also the diverse plants, animals and other living creatures that make this region the liveable space that it is.

Signature of Cooperation Agreement 3LP 2016 © Marc Hoffmeister
Signature of Cooperation Agreement 3LP 2016 © Marc Hoffmeister

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Field visit Forum Nature 2016 © Marc Hoffmeister
Field visit Forum Nature 2016 © Marc Hoffmeister

Impetus & guidance for a sustainable development of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine

Energy transition, affordable living space and attractive business locations: these and other political priorities have a claim on the land area. But climate adaptation, healthy environmental quality and the preservation of biodiversity are urgent societal issues. They can only be resolved in the landscape area – a cross-border balancing act. The Three Countries Park addresses blue-green infrastructure connectivity and the performance of ecosystem services. It points out shared areas of activity and offers guidance in the complex web of responsible departments and different protection zones, approaches and procedures in the neighbouring regions.

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