Open space without borders

The Three Countries Park (light) in the heart of the Euregio

The Three Countries Park, or 3LP for short, is a wonderful part of Europe. In the heart of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine, centred around the cities of Liège, Hasselt, Maastricht and Aachen, it is an area whose beautiful landscape knows no bounds. Will you find the Three Countries Park on a map? No, because the THREE COUNTRIES PARK is the project area and name of a partnership for cross-border cooperation. Thirteen authorities from Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands have teamed up with a view to preserving and sustainably developing this open space and the quality of its landscape. 

What makes the Three Countries Park so special is the diverse landscape with its wealth of water and soils, its countless species of fauna and flora, its expansive vistas and tranquil spots, as well as its cultural and historical treasures, over an area that does not even extend to 5000 km². There is always something to discover here. The park is the ‘communal garden’ both for the four million inhabitants of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine and for the four million tourists and visitors to the region each year.

Future generations should also be able to enjoy the green heart of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. This is the ambition driving the partners of the Three Countries Park who are concerned with environmental protection, spatial and landscape planning and the natural and cultural heritage in Flanders and Wallonia with Eastern Belgium (B), the region of Aachen (D) and the region of Southern Limburg (NL). In the spirit of the European Landscape Convention, we have been collaborating with many of the parties involved since 2001 on visions, guidelines and projects for a sustainable and shared future of this open space without borders.


Grüne Infrastruktur


Eupen | 17.03.2020

Space for Green Infrastructure

Results of the study now online. Part 1: Analysis of nature and landscape conservation areas in 3LP. Part 2: Recommendations on project development.

Dear Landscape


Eupen | 19.06.2019

Dear Landscape Project

How do people in the Euroregion see their landscape? Concluding event of the People-to-People Project with an exhibition in the IKOB Eupen.



Eupen | 19.11.2019

Project Forum: The Built Landscape

Between affordable housing and “Betonstop”. Grey and green infrastructure in cross-border dialogue.

International Landscape Day


Zagreb | 10.2018

International Landscape Day

The Three Countries Park at the European Council’s Landscape Conference in Croatia.


Voeren | 10.2018

Tripartite Symposium

Landscape and rural development. Cross-border approach for the Voeren region.


Dresden.Řehlovice | 04.2018

Cross Border Culture Workshop 

Eco art meets land art at the 6th Cross-Border Culture Task Force (T4CBC) Conference of the Association of European Border Regions.

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