Border Routes

Hiking and rambling without borders. Criss-crossing the Three-Countries Park.

BorderRoutes are walking routes that cross the Tri-Country Park and promise an experience filled with beautiful landscapes, culture, and history. Walk through the hedgerow landscapes of Eastern Belgium, along the old beech trees near the historical 'Landgraben' (ramparts), through the beautiful Geul valley, or across the hills of South Limburg.

With nine walking routes of different lengths, clear signage, a variety of starting points, route descriptions, downloadable maps, and a network of so-called walking cafés, BorderRoutes offers a solid and attractive basis for those who want to discover the natural and cultural wealth of the area.

The BorderRoutes project originated at the 2008 EuRegionale, a transboundary regional development initiative started by the region of Aachen, in cooperation with its Belgian and Dutch neighbours.

Grenzrouten für Groß und Klein © Visit Zuid Limburg
Grenzrouten für Groß und Klein © Visit Zuid Limburg
Grenzroute Viaduct Montzen

Duration: since 2008
Funding: Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Bau und Stadtentwicklung (DE)


  • Stadt Aachen (leadpartner, DE)
  • NABU-Stadtverband Aachen e.V. (DE)
  • Commune de Plombières (BE)
  • Gemeinde Kelmis (BE)
  • Gemeinde Raeren (BE)
  • Gemeente Vaals (NL)
  • Provincie Limburg (NL)
  • Staatsbosbeheer (NL)

Three-Countries Park: support via networks

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