Underground landscapes

In this follow-up project of Dear Landscape, architects Marlies Vermeulen and Remy Kroese (Dear Hunter) created a subjective map of the underground past as perceived from above ground (visible and invisible) by a visitor passing through the project area of the Three-Countries Park. They spent 3 trips of 2 days each in the region, covering with their research the full geographical (West to East) and thematic (Limestone, Zinc anc Coal) range of the area: (1) the Sint Pietersberg limestone quarries and surroundings, (2) the Three-Countries Point with the Zinc mining past in nearby Plombières, Kelmis and the peculiar former state of Neutral-Moresnet and (3) Hambach and Inden open-cast lignite mining. The aim of this study is to highlight the urgency of the underground (industrial) past and to put it back on the agenda.

The result is a cartopological map which depicts the impact of the 'underground' (Subterranea) on everyday life in the Three-Countries Park. Three field books with subjective narration of the respective field trip accompany and complete the map.

Detail of the SUBTERRANEA Map

Duration: 2021-2022
Financing: Three-Countries Park


Three-Countries Park: project development, support and assistance

Study office: Dear Hunter

More information:



SUBTERRANEA - Fieldbook 1 (Kanne - Maastricht - Eben-Emael)

SUBTERRANEA - Fieldbook 2 (Vaals - Kelmis - Plombières)

SUBTERRANEA - Fieldbook 3 (Hambach - Inden)

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